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Payments from Citizens Bank Overdraft Settlement Expected Fall 2013

By Kimberly Mirando


Citizens Bank

UPDATE: Payments from the Citizens Bank overdraft class action settlement were either mailed or deposited into eligible Class Members’ accounts starting September 19.


Consumers who submitted valid claims for the $137.5 million Citizens Bank overdraft class action settlement can expect to see payments in September, according to an update on the Settlement Administrator website.

The credits are part of a class action lawsuit settlement resolving allegations that Citizens Bank reordered debit card transactions from highest to lowest dollar amount in order to rack up overdraft charges.

In March, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida extended the claims filing deadline for the class action settlement to May 6, 2013.

Distribution of settlement awards is scheduled for September 2013, but this is subject to change. Keep checking Top Class Actions for updates or visit the Settlement Administrator’s website at [See update here.]


The case is In re: Checking Account Overdraft Litigation, Case No. 1:09-md-02036-JLK, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.


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  • jeninne September 1, 2013

    does anyone know when this month the checks will be sent out

  • jeninne September 1, 2013

    does anyone know when this month the checks will be sent out

  • jeninne September 1, 2013

    does anyone know when this month the checks will be sent out

  • Annie September 3, 2013

    Excellent question I can’t find any info regarding when in September checks will be awarded

  • Denise September 4, 2013

    Wish I had a clue. Probably on the 30th the way they’re going. I hope when people start getting money they’ll post when and how much and how that compares to how much they think they lost.

    If I actually got back the amount I lost I think I could pay off my car, but I’m not expecting much more than 50-100 bucks.

  • Kim September 5, 2013

    They should have not to have been aloud to take this long getting the checks to there victims all they have been doing is getting the interest from our money so these criminals are not out anything People should leave this bank like we did years ago when we knew what they where doing

  • Velma September 9, 2013

    I wrote them at the email that the have and the told me what I already know, go to the website about the class action lawsuit. But there still is no update except about the distribution in September 2013, subject to change, I knew all of this months ago. They real need to update and let us know when we will be expecting our money, so we can move on. They rob us just like that and we have to wait. Wow!

  • Denise September 10, 2013

    Well at least I know not to waste my time writing them.

  • thomas September 10, 2013

    i would not get your hopes up, from what i’ve been reading in regards from past class a lawsuits the lawyers ends up theifing the customer just like the banks were. customers receives. $20.32 to $80.00. the media should definitely be inform ahead of time, to make sure that the citizens get their fair share.

  • Ryan September 10, 2013

    I emailed them and got this response. Looks like on or around Sept. 19th.


    As long as you did not exclude yourself from the Settlement, Settlement Class Members who submitted valid claims and/or are entitled to automatic payments will receive their payments, by account credit to your Citizens or Charter One account or (if you no longer have that Citizens or Charter One account) by check mailed to you at the address Citizens or Charter One has on file. Please contact the Settlement Administrator if you change your address.


    Currently, the distribution of awards is scheduled for September 19, 2013. This is subject to change. Please continue to check the website for updates. If you are entitled to an automatic payment for overdraft fees charged to your account, you do not have to do anything to receive that payment.


    If you should have any further questions please don’t hesitate to call our toll free number (888) 273-0426 or visit the website

  • Denise September 10, 2013

    What they need to do is put a cap on how much the lawyers can take in these case. Oh, and make the banks pay the real amount they stole from us. I wish I could steal and then pay back pennies on the dollar.

  • Denise September 10, 2013

    And thanks for the update Ryan.

  • Elizabeth Bosse September 11, 2013

    I contacted the lawyers to let them know these banks are still engaging in these practices and they couldn’t care less

  • Lori September 11, 2013

    There is so much wrong with Citizens Bank and this law suit has done nothing to change or promote positive change within the bank. THEY ARE STILL DOING THE SAME THING! And the money that they are taken is ridiculous. I made my mind up a couple of months ago to get a new bank but thought I would stick around until the payout. Why did I do that!!!!! I’m out another $296 for alleged overdrafts. I hate Citizens and its unfair practices. We should be paid back all of the money that was taking from us its ours and it was taken unfairly so we shouldn’t have to settle for next to nothing. I wish there was a way to bring them to their knees….I really do….Just reach out to 3/4 of the customers associated with them and at 9am everyone across America just walk into the branch offices and close their accounts. Since that will probably never happen…I will do my part to discourage anyone from using this bank. Its been a real messed up experience with Citizens Bank and whether or not I get my award on or before September 30th I’m closing my account.

  • jon September 19, 2013

    We can complain all we want but the Bank government and the lawyers don’t care they are making money off of us I did not hear one person say that they will stop using the banks this was not the idea of one bank they all did it they all work this payment method out together there is only one way that the working class will ever have a voice and that is if will bring this country to its knees you want to see action if the working man stop useing banks Wall Street the economy and the government would crash and we the working man will finally have a voice until then you don’t matter to them we will struggle and the rich will get richer. So untill we fight just get use to it

  • J September 19, 2013

    Well it’s Sept 19th…does anyone have a surprise in their account?

  • Linda September 19, 2013

    Nope I dont

  • Lori September 19, 2013

    Have you? Because I haven’t! I’ve been checking the site since now and then for a possible update.

  • Lori September 19, 2013

    Jon I say the same thing all the time and not just about banks! Just the other day I was thinking about how to take down my cell phone provider. I’m sick of working day in and day out only to see my hard earned money taken away from my family and me. How far is it that I can’t have everything that was taken from me? Citizens should be made responsible for all court cost and legal fees in my opinion but that’s not the case. Right now I’m transitioning from citizens hoping that they’ll deposit by the end of the month. If not I’ll have to wait on the mail.

  • Velma September 19, 2013

    I just emailed them today and ask them what’s really happening. I want and others want to know what is going on with the money, Today is Sept. 19th, and not nothing in my account. I am wonder is this the subject to change claimer mean. Has the date changed, I asked them to update the web page. Let us know something different.

  • theresa w September 19, 2013


    They told me 19th too. Nothing. Have they responded to anyone today yet

  • Denise September 19, 2013

    Nope, not one red sent yet.

  • Kim September 19, 2013

    Leave Citizen bank and stop boring money from them that is how it will hurt them doesn’t it make sense

  • Lori September 20, 2013

    21.05….yeah I’m offically finished with Citizens. They have taken thousands and all I get back is $21.05. Yeah…I’m withdrawing….today!

  • scottg44 September 20, 2013

    That is all you got???

  • Denise September 20, 2013


  • Leo September 20, 2013


  • Mar September 20, 2013


  • yd September 20, 2013

    They took over $5000 and I get 388.49. I hate them :(

  • Laur September 20, 2013

    Guys. It could be worse. I got $2.48. Yes that’s a decimal. I was charged at least several hundred in overdraft fees over the years. Citizens bank is a joke. That won’t even cover the gas to drive to the bank and close my account, which is exactly what I plan to do.

  • Velma September 20, 2013

    So, some of you got money already. I haven’t received anything yet. I guess, we will see something later next week. I still don’t see any money in the bank yet.

  • Jennifer Grant September 20, 2013

    Nice! My Spouse gets back 3 times more than me. I REMEMBER GETTING SLAMMED BY FEES & my return is ninety dollars. I feel like I’ve been scammed again!

  • Linda September 20, 2013

    well I got two one for 7.26 and another for 10.29 making a total of 17.55 come on that isnt correct I should have gotten back a lot more than that what a joke

  • D September 20, 2013

    I Received 36.00 seems right, have only overdrafted once total, received Sept. 19, 2013

  • yolanda September 20, 2013

    If your acct closed with a negative balance you will not be receiving a refund….just spoke to the settlement admin..

  • LB September 20, 2013

    If your acct closed with a negative balance, which is probably due to the fact that Citizens took things out to make money like they always do then why would they send you a postcard telling you that you are in the settlement? Makes no sense. And if they are not going to refund people I would hope they do not come after the people for the negative balance in their account.

  • Denise September 21, 2013

    There is obviously something wonky going on if D below got $36 with only one bounce fee and other people are getting less than that even though they had more than one bounce fee. That’s impossible if they were doing things correctly.

  • Laur September 21, 2013

    Denise- I think it was really arbitrary. One of my family members doesn’t even remember overdrafting and got $20. Others I know of who were charged thousands only got back a $100. They just threw whatever amount at us to shut us up.

  • Kim September 21, 2013

    Received 208.57… not really sure how many OD fees I was hit with, maybe 700-800, but some of that I was able to get refunded by causing a scene at the branch. Either way its a mess. I do feel my settlement is fair but there are certainly some who received far less than they should have. Unfortunately banks are set up to make serious money in dees off of the average consumer and it doesn’t seem like that will change anytime soon.

  • Kim September 21, 2013

    The only way that Citizen bank is going to get what is coming too them if People would stop borrowing and using their bank then they would lose STOP BANKING WITH CITIZENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Will September 21, 2013

    When are checks being mailed? Did anyone get a check yet that no longer has an acct?

  • Julie September 22, 2013

    I didn’t even know about this lawsuit, but received a whopping $6.89 on September 19. I wondered what it was for, and looked up their website, which is NOT located on the main Citizens website (nor mentioned anywhere I could find on it)! Wow.

    However, a little over a year ago I was looking up information about unfair fees, and learned about the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The CFPB forwarded my concerns to Citizens, which got them to respond, in that I received a defensive letter from someone at Citizens, and a refund of $666.00 (I am not kidding). Remaining was still over $1500 in excessive fees, carefully documented. Out of my total fees, I should have paid $185.

    Like most of us, I imagine, I had been incredibly careful with the paycheck-to-paycheck money I had, keeping careful track of my expenses and checking online often for updates to my balance. So, I often bought groceries and other necessities while I knew there was money available, and waited for payday to make my big payments.

    I sometimes knew that I was going to get hit for an overdraft fee when I paid my mortgage a day before payday–and bargained in the $37 (outrageous!) fee, rather than risk my credit with a late payment. Somehow, though, time after time, the small earlier charges never cleared for days, but the mortgage always cleared on the same day. And I could prove it.

    I never received anything in the snail mail, email, nor through the electronic messages or alerts on my online account, that there was a chance to recover more of the fees by submitting a claim through this lawsuit.

    Indeed, what a rip off this has been. I already have another account open somewhere else, and have been moving everything over to it. It doesn’t give you much faith in our world when these things happen, does it? And sad to say, it devastates the very people who can afford it the least.

  • Darlene September 23, 2013

    Wow this lawsuit is full of b.s they was rewarded 137 million and was to pay us back 5years wow and all i got was $ 17.07 wtf mad as hell for that

  • Tamisha Cage September 25, 2013

    Keep recieving a little check…. tired whats the deal… contact the protection bearu

  • Casey September 26, 2013

    How did you guys know it was coming out the 19th? I just found out yesterday by doing a search. We left citizens bank about a year ago, I received a post card at my husbands parents house! This was never an adress for us while banking here. While my account was closed citizens charged me two over drafte fees- three weeks after my account was already closed- one for an ATM withdrawl (four weeks prior to closing the account and I did have money in the account and second for a voided check my scummy landlord tried to cash (the check wasn’t valid. We paid him out of new account!!!). I never paid the fees because they weren’t valid. The woman told me it was ok and charged off and finally my account was actually closed. They reopened it with their “charges”. Also they are still practicing this type of baking. Why is that ok??? What’s the point if the settlement if they haven’t changed their practice!? When will peopel without accounts receive payments? I also though we would receive the amount of money we lost because of wrongful fees? How are peopel getting less than the overdraft fee!? This is disgusting.

  • Nikki September 26, 2013

    Did anyone cash these checks yet? And did anything bounce in your accounts?

  • Maria September 26, 2013

    I got $628.30 – I know they screwed me quite a few times and bounced checks when I actually had enough money in there – and they laughed when I called them on it. Looks like mine is one of the higher ones.

  • September 26, 2013

    I left Citizens about 6 years ago. Because they would rearrange my charges, to maximize my overdraft fees. I just opened my check and it was for $553.09. The refunds were not meant to return all fees, but rather a portion of them. If you look at an over draft like a loan it would look like this: If you write a $100 overdraft check, within two weeks you’ll owe an additional $106.90 to the bank – a $37 overdraft fee, plus an extra $6.99 per day in “sustained overdraft” fees for the fourth through the 13th day. Represented as an annualized interest rate, or APR, that’s the equivalent of a 2,779%!!!! And that my friends is against the law!!

  • margie September 27, 2013

    Well i was charged several hundreds of dollars when i was with citizens bank and i just got a check for $19.62 It wasnt even worth waiting for!!

  • Shayna September 27, 2013

    I got $12 and change…. I KNOW I was hit with MASSIVE fees during my time with them. It was my college years (at least 10 years ago) and I remember calling home in tears on MANY occasions because of their fees being thrown at me even when I knew I had money to cover. If they are arbitrarily handing out money, NEWSFLASH… YOU OWE ME MORE. Thanks, Citizens, for reminding me why I went to a credit union ($4 overdraft fees … and now that I am older, I RARELY see them).

  • Alissa September 27, 2013

    I banked with them for a few years back in 2006-2009 and had a horrible time with them. I had two paychecks deposited into someone else’s account. When I walked in to withdrawal some money they informed me I had no funds and tried to tell me I was obviously mistaken about depositing my paychecks because there’s no way they could have deposited it into another account by mistake. there was an investigation and the branch manager found my funds were deposited in someone else’s account. As if that wasn’t an inconvenience enough they wouldn’t let me have access to my funds for about a week after that…. I made sure there was enough to cover my previous transactions up to that point, withdrew all my money and transferred banks. Then to top it all off, about a month later I received a letter from them saying my account could not be closed until my overdraft fee was settled. When I called to let them know it was a mistake and they said there was nothing they could do. At the time I had just left for Basic at lackland afb in TX and they said I would have to physically come in to resolve the issue. It wasn’t possible for me to do that so my account racked up close to $700.00 in overdraft fees then expected me to pay it before i could close out my account with them. I no longer bank with them .By far the most horrible banking experience I’ve ever had. I now have USAA and have never once had an issue. After all this I was awarded $107 which is nothing considering the amount I had to pay them for their mistakes. My check was sent to an old address from years ago. luckily the people knew me who now live there or I would not have received my check.

  • Kathy Merritt September 27, 2013

    I received a check for the amount of $58.75..After reading some of the comments below I suppose I should be thankful, but the truth is, I believe you owe me a lot more than that $ have been slamming me with OD fees for years that were not my fault. Please look into it further, I would expect another $ 1,000.00 or more.

  • Liz September 27, 2013

    I had one overdraft fee for $22 in 2002…I got a check for $67.07. Not sure why that amount?

  • john scheemaker September 28, 2013

    well i would be happy to get something being that they took whole paychecks from me…i went and questioned the bank and was told it was my fault…how do i find out if im getting a check

  • James September 28, 2013

    On 9/28/13 I received my settlement check for $14.34. What a rip off. How can you only get that much money back when one over draft fee is $37.00. The time period for over drafts was from 2002 to 2010. I know for a fact that I had at least 100 overdrafts, if not more. According to my calculations that is at least $3700.00, if not more. The only persons that made out are the lawyers. If the court system allows this to happen, then they are a big farce.

  • Anthony September 28, 2013

    Does anyone know exactly who the Claims Adminstrator Is ? Was told my check was mailed on the 19th, but said they didn’t have the amount. Still haven’t received it as of the 28. How can you not have access to that info if you are the one paying these claims???

  • Erin September 29, 2013

    This is the only promise the bank kept. Got my check yesterday.

  • Erin September 29, 2013

    I got scammed by a company to be a secret shopper while I was on maternity leave2yrs ago. I even talkedto the cashier about how cool it would be.etc. anyway..the check was a fraud & Citizens CLOSED my account. I had been a loyal customer since 1999 when I started college. All my TDI checks the whole time of maternity leave were being deposited still automatically. These ppl made me life hell in Rhode Island. Train your tellers. Educate them & your bank members to not be frauded.

  • Leah September 29, 2013

    We recieved $98 in a check. Wondering if we shouldve gotten more. Wasnt there somethign that sd if it were negative and closed they would cover that cost first and we’d get remaindeR? I could be wrong. But due to ID theft, we closed our account, then a month later got a notice saying our acct was overdrafter over $2000. Impossible if it closed when it was suppose to be closed…any ideas?

  • Jessica September 30, 2013

    Mad I received a check for $9.10 when I paid over $200.00 in fees in a 3 month time frame!!! Can someone please explain how I paid $35.00 numerous times to only get this amount back!!

  • danielle September 30, 2013

    $230 recieved yesterday! :)

  • Anthony September 30, 2013

    Anyone from New York still waiting for their check?

  • Malisa October 2, 2013

    I received two checks for the exact same amount ($36.33) a few days apart from each other. I was concerned and inquired with my bank (NOT citizens) and they gave me a number to call to see if the second check was funded. I was afraid of depositing a dud check and get charged for it. I called the number and was told some checks were duplicate prints, and mine is one of them. How am I supposed to trust that? If I don’t cash this other check and it IS funded, where does the money go? I don’t know what to do or who to believe since I was already screwed over once by these people. Anyone else have this happen?

    • Mek January 11, 2014

      Could you provide the number you called so other could call to see if the checks they receive are good? Thank you

  • Mrs Denitra October 3, 2013

    I think this crazy they overdrafted me over 1000 of dollars an they gave me some punk check. They need to get it together they need togive us what we are owed. I pray God deal with them..

  • lau October 4, 2013

    Is anyone else still waiting for a check?

  • irma October 4, 2013

    I had 3 checking acct with them. One with charterone for about 6 years and now i have two acct with them and they only gave me pennys back. This bank took more than $4000.00 in fees. Of course the lawyers made out, but the customers the ripped off. Is there any morals in the banking industry. Shame on them.

  • Jason October 21, 2013

    I got a 6.89 check ioverdraft 16 cents it what to collects for 329.19 I payed half to get it off my Credit score they just re open and payed the rest of it from my Settlement fuck them Now my credit score is fucked and everything else

  • Wendy October 25, 2013

    Received my check about three weeks ago in the amount of $3.21. I’m wondering if first of all it’s a scam and second of all, IF and when I do cash it, will this so called company steal the money that I do have in my checking?

  • Susan Moran October 25, 2013

    I Susan Moran received a check, from the class action settlement case. The check#0738355 & check amount $141.90.The tracking #2112715. Date issue September 19,2013. But the check said Deposit Only. I had know way of doing that. So I did what they said, wrote a letter requesting to a replacement check to the Settlement Administrator. It’s been 4 weeks, I have not received a replacement check. Please reply!

  • Rhonda Engle March 13, 2014

    I left Charter One a few years ago. They are theives. I received a check in the mail for appox $89. No where near the amount they’ve stolen from me over the years I had an account with them.

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